Not Take


Thinking about a road I haven’t taken is a difficult subject, because there are many paths I wish I could have taken, but didn’t. So where does one possibly begin with a subject like this? I could go on about all those missed opportunities, but who’s to know where I’d be if I had taken those paths?

Thinking about all those roads I didn’t take brings up more questions than trying to think of just one opportunity that I missed. They’re not even “what if” questions, but “would I” questions.

Would I be living in the same city I grew up in? Would I still have my same group of friends? Would I have a full-time, permanent job, or would I still be a student somewhere?

There are so many things I wish I could have done, but I think that fate has a lot to do with where I’ve ended up. “Everything happens for a reason,” they say. So, did I stay at home and get accepted into a local university for a reason? Is there a reason that I didn’t have a job for two years? Were some unseen forces working to prevent me from traveling because I could have gotten hurt while I was overseas?

Again, there are so many questions when pondering the opportunities that I didn’t take, but all of them lead back to the sole question that’s nagged at me for the ten minutes I’ve been writing this: Where would I be right now if I’d taken one of those other roads?


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