One thing I remember having to start over again was my novel. I started writing it in high school, and it took me eight years to write. The very first draft that I ever wrote, which was about ¼ of the novel was lost when my computer died, and I had to start over again from scratch. Of course, I was livid, hurt, disappointed, and frustrated that I’d lost so much of my novel because my computer decided to crap out on me one day.

As I started re-working on the novel, I remembered some details, dialogue, and events that happened in the part of the novel that was lost. Of course, I didn’t remember all of it, certainly not word-for-word, but I remembered some, so that’s saying something, I guess. Since I couldn’t remember all of what was lost, I was really angry and frustrated that I’d lost everything. Not only was it time-consuming to write everything all over again, it was a pain trying to remember it all; and when I couldn’t, I had to write something new.

The second time around, however, I learned my lesson (as it applies now to anything I work on, whether it’s assignments, essays, or creative writing): I save everything on a flash drive. My mother thinks I’m crazy that I have a keychain with five flash drives on it, but I don’t want to take the risk of losing something important again. Sure, one’s for music, another’s for pictures, and three are for writing, but having them gives me peace of mind, so that I don’t have to stress, thinking I’ll lose everything if my laptop dies.

Although it was a traumatic experience, losing my novel, I learned my lesson: always save your work on a back-up drive, whether it’s another hard drive, a flash drive, or online somewhere.


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