Cancer is a word that scares a lot of people, and I’m one of those people that freaks out when I hear that word. Even though very few people in my family have had or died from cancer, there are friends or family members of friends that I’ve heard have had or died from cancer. Most recently, a neighbour died of lung cancer, and a year ago, my friend’s mother died from breast cancer.

Just the thought of having cancer scares me. Having cancerous cells growing in your body, and making you so sick that sometimes you can’t even get out of bed, disturbs me to no end. Knowing that so many people suffer through this disease, especially people I know, rattles me even more.

For some people, cancer’s something they don’t think about because no one they know has been affected by it, but for me, it hit close to home when the people around me I know have suffered through it, or had someone close to them die from it.

There certainly can’t be anything more frightening than hearing “You have cancer” when you visit your doctor. It’s like a death-sentence, even though people have overcome cancer.

Diseases like this are scary, especially when someone you know has it. It makes you wonder – could you be next?


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