Taking Stock #1


Working on these weekly prompts has been a novel experience for me, however, I feel that it’s given me some freedom with my writing that I wasn’t expecting to have.

1. Has anything about your writing surprised you?

Yes, it most definitely has. I was really unsure about writing about myself, even though this is a “life writing” class. I prefer to write fiction, and certainly not about myself, but working on these prompts has forced me into thinking about personal writing, reflecting and thinking critically of past events and writing them down (especially in a coherent manner).

2. What do you think is your most effective piece? Your least effective piece? Why?

I think my strongest piece is the piece I did for workshop—“Window.” I spent a lot of time thinking about writing this piece before I actually wrote it, so I think because I gave it a lot of thought beforehand, it allowed me to really focus and make this piece the best it could be. I think my least effective piece is “What I Will Miss” because I just wrote it as quickly as I could to get it over with. Had I gave this piece as much thought as I did with some of the others, it might have been a stronger piece and written less hastily.

3. What challenges have you faced in completing the pieces?

I think the most challenging thing about writing these prompts is the issue of time. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t like to feel pressured by time, and likes to take my time with things, especially when it comes to writing. Flash fiction and writing on the spur-of-the-moment can be fun, but for me, I like to think about what I’m going to write well before I write it. Of course, when it comes to fiction and writing a story, sometimes and idea will just come to me and I just have to write it all down before I forget it. But overall, I like taking my time and thinking about my writing; and the pressure of time just rattles me and I don’t think I can produce a strong piece of work when I have the clock working against me.


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