Last Letter


Dear Uncle Rob,

I miss you so much. There are so many things that remind me of you, and it still hurts me so much to know you left us far too soon.

Do you remember that time I broke the light above your pool table? I thought you’d be so upset with me, but you weren’t. You just wanted to be sure that I was okay; and while I was, that concern for me made me feel so much better than being upset about breaking that light.

I’ll never forget that noise you could make with your lips that sounded like the Jetson’s spaceship. I never knew anyone who could make that sound, and anytime I hear the Jetson’s spaceship, whether it’s on TV or a commercial, I always think of you.

Every day, I wish there was something I could do to change that night you died. As I’m sure everyone else in our family does, I want you back here with me. You were the most selfless, caring, wonderful person I’ve ever met, and I miss you so much.

Now I can’t even read what I’m writing because I’m tearing up. Without you, the world isn’t the same; and I’m sure if you were still here, things would be different, and in a more positive way.

You will always be #22 to me, and I still love your convertible.

I miss you; and as much as I want you here, I know you’re in a better place. I hope that we can meet again someday.

I love you.

Your niece and goddaughter,



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