Window (Workshop Piece)


Outside the window there’s a whole other world. A pane of glass and a thin screen separates my world from the world of nature.

The sky is a startling bright blue, with large, puffy white clouds creeping through the sky on a light b-r-e-e-z-e. A robin quickly scuttles-across-the-grass before stopping and lifting its head, looking for signs of danger! A lone maple leaf, bearing a rustic, red-orange hue, separates from a tree branch and






before it gently lands on the grass.

Birds are chirping in the maple tree by the road, a cheerful mid-day melody. There’s the rumble of traffic in the distance, signalling life other than nature, and the quiet serenity is disrupted as someone starts a car.

A dog begins to BARK across the street, the hum of an airplane starts quietly before growing LOUDER as it passes over the house, and f   a   d   e   s before disappearing completely.

Through the open window wafts the strong, sharp scent of a fireplace—the odour of burning wood filling my nose and clogging my throat. The scent is so strong, you can almost taste the ashes in your mouth.

The sunlight shines on my desk, causing a sharp, BLINDING glare off the screen of my laptop as I shift in my chair. My attention is now on my laptop as I turn away from the scenery outside my window.


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