When I read the prompt for this piece, I immediately thought of the John Mayer song “Say.”

[Insert lyrics here]

Of course, putting those lyrics in here would be cheating, although they really ring true to this piece.

Sometimes it’s hard for someone to say something they really need to say at a given time, and it always seems to be that the right thing to say always comes to that person well after the fact. As they say, hindsight’s a bitch, and it really is from time to time. So many times I’ve been stuck on saying something that I want to or need to say, and it always hits me afterwards what I really should have said. It’s always hard because what you need to say sometimes never comes out when you want it to. The words either get lost somewhere between your brain and your mouth, or they’re on the tip of your tongue, but you just can’t say it.

Wait, where was I going with this? What was I trying to say?


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