We’ve all had those days where absolutely everything goes wrong – nothing works or something happens that screws up even the best-laid plans.

Last year, there was a day where whatever could go wrong, did go wrong. The car broke down, so I had to take the bus to school. The bus was running behind, so I was late for class, and because I was frazzled about being late for class, I’d forgotten my essay on my desk. So, of course, when I handed it in the next day, it’d already been docked 5%. Then there was a pop quiz in another class that I totally wasn’t prepared for, and I left the class knowing I’d bombed it. Then there’s the crappy wet-snow weather as I trudged from the main campus over to East Academic and back…and wiping out on a patch of black ice, right onto my backside. Surely it was amusing for the others who saw it, but I had to sit on a sore butt for the rest of the day. When I get home, the Internet’s down because of the weather, so I can’t do my homework for the next day, and the work I could do without the Internet…it failed because the printer stopped working, so I couldn’t even print off my finished essay.

That’s Murphy’s Law apparently – when anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. And it’s on awful days like this one described above that I shake a mental fist at Murphy and his goddamned law.


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