Someone who was a true teacher for me was my high school music teacher, Mr. Hebert. I had him in my last year of high school – what was then (and still is, apparently) known as 12B. To say he was “just a teacher” is such an understatement of what he was to me – he was an inspiration. I was a very self-conscious person in high school – I didn’t go to any of the social events, or participated in any of the clubs or extra-curriculars.

Until I met “Mr. H.”

He knew how shy I was, and yet he encouraged me and made me see the strengths that I had, both musically and personally. I became a member of the school’s band and choir because of him. I developed musically because of him. I did other extra-curriculars because of him.

He truly brought out the best in me – he brought me out of my shell. If he hadn’t done that, I sure wouldn’t be in university right now, because I wouldn’t have been able to handle the social aspect of being a university student, nor would I be able to cope with the overwhelming expectations set on me in every single class.

Every day, I’m so grateful for everything he taught me, and not just academically, either. He taught me how to be less socially-awkward (and really, how can you teach someone that? It’s a gift, that’s for sure), how to see both my strengths and weaknesses, and how to improve myself, especially personally. For me, he really wasn’t just a teacher – he was more of a life coach.

I wish there was some way I could thank him for everything he did, because he truly was one of the greatest, motivating, inspirational people I’ve ever had the fortune to meet.


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