What’s In Front Of You


What’s in front of me? “Old Friend From Far Away,” Brock’s Student Handbook opened to this week’s readings and assignments, two other textbooks, “Maus I,” readings for my Lit class, a grey pencil case, a blue highlighter, a red pen, a multivitamin I still haven’t taken yet, a holder overflowing with pens and pencils, a green paperweight, a bowl of salad, a bowl of tomato soup I haven’t finished eating yet, a mug of tea and meds to help with the flu I’ve gotten in the past two days, my unplugged printer, my iPod docking station which is currently playing Pitbull’s “Blanco,” a glass of water with ¼ water left in it, a Arabian horse calendar hanging on the wall, four shelves of DVDs, a painting of Jesus on a card, headphones for my iPod, three horse show ribbons hanging on the wall with my lucky horseshoe hanging next to them, a menu for Sushi Ai, a holder with a ton of CDs in them, my tartan purse on the floor next to me, my runners untied and damp from walking in the rain earlier, a box of Kleenex with light bulbs printed on the box, my cell phone, my alarm clock, my bed behind me (unmade, as usual), open curtains, a garbage can overflowing with used Kleenexes, a power bar on the floor at my feet, with plugs for my clock, laptop charger, desk lamp, iPod docking station, printer, and cell phone charger.


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