Great Book


A great book that I’ve read is the Douglas Adams series “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” This book was recommended to me by an actor in his blog (yes, sad that I actually followed through on a recommendation from an actor, but damn if he wasn’t right in saying it’s a great series of books to read.) So, I went out and bought the series (with the exception of the last book) in one volume. Right from the beginning, this series was absolutely hilarious. The character Zaphod Beeblebrox turned out to be my favourite because he’s just so eccentric and off-the-wall. Of course, the other characters are quite amusing and have their own unique traits, but Zaphod…he’s just something else. I also enjoyed the character of Marvin the “Paranoid Android.” He had his own melancholy brand of humor that I felt I could relate to at times, and most people I talk to who’ve read the books agree that Marvin’s character is one of the best ones.

When the movie came out based on the books, I thought it was fairly well done. As is the usual with adaptations, there were things that were cut out, and new things that were added in. I can’t remember if the film was well-received or not, but I thought it was fun. Again, Zaphod was a riot, accurately portrayed by Sam Rockwell. I also enjoyed the way Marvin was portrayed. Although he was acted by two different people – the physical version of the man in the costume, and the actor who did his voice – he was still an epic part of the movie. So, I left the theatre (and my living room) enjoying the series, and these two characters even more.

After watching the movie, I went back and read the books again, and like everyone says, the book is better than the movie. While the movie is quite fun and enjoyable, I did like the books much better. They have more “meat” to them and are more descriptive than the film could be.  And while it may sound unnatural, since the recommendation to me came from an actor, I recommend this series of books to anyone who wants a good laugh. And that good laugh will be continuous, because there’s never a dull moment in this series.


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