I Remember


I remember one of the first stories I wrote as a kid. It was my own story based off characters I’d read in a book – I guess what would today be called a “fanfic.” This wasn’t just a story, either; I also included my own artwork. I remember putting so much work into my stories – both the written and the visual parts of it. I didn’t spend a lot of time with other kids during recess at school; instead, I’d sit and write or draw. Some kids mocked me for being so anti-social, but I didn’t care. Writing and drawing was what I wanted to do, and that’s what I did. I even collaborated with one of my friends on a story together, because we both loved horses, and I was working on a horse story. Sometimes I’d write, and she’d do the pictures, and sometimes, we’d switch – I’d do the pictures, and she’d write.

My mother always commented on my writing since I was a kid. Even though half of my stories didn’t make sense, she still enjoyed reading my stories and looking at the pictures I’d drawn, even if they were of stick people (I’m just incapable of drawing people). Thankfully, with the stories I write today, I don’t have accompanying pictures – what a mess that would be, a mass of stick people.

I still continue with my writing and my artwork today (I have several of my art pieces on Facebook); although I tend to spend more time writing now than I do drawing.


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